They move, they have sensors to listen to the world and they can be modified to represent what we want. In this course, you will discover robots and their applications, easy programming software and practice with them to create your own STEAM and Maker projects. You don’t need to have any knowledge of robotics or programming, at the end of the course you will have a basis to start at your center.

Games are one of the most important tools for keeping the motivation of children alive. When children spend time by having fun, their interest is very high. So, active participation and teaching through games are very important for permanent learning. Thanks to our animation courses, we aim to make educators spend time by having fun with children in a teaching environment. Both teachers using animation techniques and their students can have more enjoyable and meaningful time. All these enhance the quality of the education process.

There are countless robots on the market. Which one’s better for my center? How are they programmed? What kind of projects can I create? What can you get with robotics? How do I evaluate? These and other questions will be answered during the course in a very practical way. As each teacher has his needs but experimenting and sharing we will discover what kind of projects in Science, Technology, Engineer, Art and Mathematics we can create and integrate maker and recycling vision.

Globally, girls are not attracted to the world of technology, and boys too. It is often due to a lack of referents or lack of work in these areas when they decide what they like. Robotics and programming have evolved and there are many easy-to-use products that we can integrate into classrooms. Thanks to robotics, we can experience scientific concepts and create our own knowledge. We work with the scientific thought, the resolution of challenges, trial and error, management failure, creativity, teamwork, communication, time management,…It is not the solution for everything, but it is one more tool that interests and involves students and that we can use to evaluate concepts and skills.

  •  Know programming concepts for 3rd Grade and higher (>8 -13 years)
  •  Discover and experiment with robots: Arduino, Micro:bit, Lego
  •  Experiment with sensors and reality
  •  Know coding app’s and web resources
  •  Create educational materials about STEAM and Maker projects
  •  Learn about different evaluation tools and skills work
Yes, we organize local transportation, hotel, food, cultural visit, and social activities. Please contact us about the details and the offers. We prefer to offer organization fee and the options when your project is granted by Erasmus Plus due to the fact that the cost is changing from date to date and the locations.
Yes, we do. Utopia has working fields like art, play, pedagogy, and other alternative methods. If your idea fits our vision and our resources we can propose you a tailor-made programme according to your needs. We create groups with minimum 6 participants. If you have 6 participants or more we can organize a course for you on the dates and location you prefer.

  • Antalya and İstanbul TURKEY
  • Barcelona SPAIN

Upcoming Courses

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