Did you know that you can get grants from the EU Erasmus Plus Programme to attend training courses in European countries?

Utopia believes that art is a very effective tool in terms of keeping students’ interest and motivation high in educational activities. These artistic activities are very important for students’ development of emotional, social, language and psychomotor skills. These also provide permanent learning by appealing to different senses for mixed-ability children. Accordingly, under the condition that each teacher use artistic activities actively in their classes, they can both support their students to develop their artistic skills and make learning process more permanent and enjoyable. Therefore, it is essential to be an artist in some way for each teacher.

Utopia aims to show the way to use artistic activities in parallel with the curriculum appropriately through the training courses organized for school members.  They can also take this kind of courses in different countries with different groups of teachers by making use of the Erasmus Plus Programme

HERE you can find how to get funding to attend our courses.

Utopia, we are not only a course provider but also do project writing support for the schools. We support the school for finding courses, writing project ( European Development Plan, Activities, Partner Finding, Planning Budget, Implementation, Technics can be applied, Follow up, Dissemination and Evaluation, etc.). Please contact us with your questions. We would be so glad to collaborate with you.

As a school, you can take part in the activities by getting grants from the Erasmus Plus program and other opportunities by developing projects for the solution of the problems in your school and quality improvement. Training courses, strategic partnerships, exchange programs are some of these opportunities.

The Programme has an overall indicative financial envelope of 14.774 billion EUR under Heading 1 and of 1.680 billion EUR under Heading 4 of the EU Budget for the seven years (2014-2020). The annual budget is adopted by the Budgetary Authority. The budget of the Erasmus + Program for 2019 was announced as 3 billion Euros by the European Commission. For more information about Erasmus plus and application process click HERE.

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