Violent communication is observed in many of the issues such as peer bullying, early school dropout, violence, discrimination, and social exclusion, which have appeared as popular problems in the school environment in recent years. It can contribute to the solution of many social problems by creating a peaceful environment without violence at school. Nonviolent communication; It is an approach that contributes to understanding the other with empathy without compromising our own values, expressing our true feelings and needs with frank honesty without blaming the other, and improving the quality of our relationships fundamentally. Nonviolent communication is a competence that all school staff, children and families must acquire to ensure a peaceful environment in the long term.

Games are one of the most important tools for keeping the motivation of children alive. When children spend time by having fun, their interest is very high. So, active participation and teaching through games are very important for permanent learning. Thanks to our animation courses, we aim to make educators spend time by having fun with children in a teaching environment. Both teachers using animation techniques and their students can have more enjoyable and meaningful time. All these enhance the quality of the education process.

  • Creativity
  • Sense of Humour
  • Basic clowning
  • Clown character
  • Animation for educators
  • Balloon twisting
  • Face painting and make-up
  • Animation at different environments (at the hospital, school, home, etc…)
  • Drama and clown games
  • Conflict

Yes, we organize local transportation, hotel, food, cultural visit, and social activities. Please contact us about the details and the offers. We prefer to offer organization fee and the options when your project is granted by Erasmus Plus due to the fact that the cost is changing from date to date and the locations.

Yes, we do. Utopia has working fields like art, play, pedagogy, and other alternative methods. If your idea fits our vision and our resources we can propose you a tailor-made programme according to your needs. We create groups with minimum  6 participants. If you have 6 participants or more we can organize a course for you on the dates and location you prefer.

Upcoming Courses

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