Robotic it’s a motivational tool to practice concepts in Kindergarten classes. Our robotic training aims to introduce in coding concepts, STEAM projects and robotic techniques as effective tools for teaching process and development for children. All the time learning by doing and playing.

In the kindergarten period (ages 4-6), students learn by experimenting and playing. Thanks to robotics and coding, we can use these tools to work and reinforce new concepts and assess whether our students are understanding and integrating them into their learning in a playful way. During the course, we will create projects of experimentation, language, mathematics, art or construction in which they will be the protagonists of their learning. A different way to work skills such as teamwork, problem-solving, communication or failure tolerance within STEAM projects (Science, Technology, Engineer, Art, and Mathematics).
Coding is a new language that needs to be understood and applied. Thanks to it, students learn to divide the challenges into smaller activities, to agree with their peers and to accept their turn. Playfully they learn the scientific method of hypothesis-test-improvement important for their educational future. They use a motivating tool where teachers can easily evaluate their social and communicative evaluation if they understand and integrate the concepts worked in the classroom and their creativity.
  •  Know programming tools and useful robots for Kindergarten
  •  Discover and experiment with robots
  •  Know projects that use robotics and their objectives
  •  Create educational materials for Kindergarten and Inter-level projects
  •  Learn about different evaluation tools and skills work
Yes, we organize local transportation, hotel, food, cultural visit, and social activities. Please contact us about the details and the offers. We prefer to offer organization fee and the options when your project is granted by Erasmus Plus due to the fact that the cost is changing from date to date and the locations.

Yes, we do. Utopia has working fields like art, play, pedagogy, and other alternative methods. If your idea fits our vision and our resources we can propose you a tailor-made programme according to your needs. We create groups with minimum  6 participants. If you have 6 participants or more we can organize a course for you on the dates and location you prefer.

Antalya and İstanbul TURKEY
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