We can learn to code in different ways but in this course, we will do it by launching an art project without knowing how to program. Discover the music, create interactive stories, video games and apply your creativity thanks to programming with Scratch and interaction with Makey Makey, webcam or microphone.

In a programming project, it is essential to read, reason and understand what you want to achieve. With this course, we will learn how to program with Scratch, a block programming language that makes it easy to implement in the classroom (ages 7-11). Using art as a guiding thread, we will learn to program and create music projects, bring pictures to life, experiment with sensors, make small video games and collaborative stories.
When we program we are learning to divide the challenges into smaller activities, to think about what we want to create and move them into action. We learn by doing. But programming is not just a new language. Thanks to it, as teachers, we can evaluate if they have integrated the concepts previously worked in the classroom if our students are able to solve team challenges, listen to the ideas of their peers and communicate their own. We can create cross-cutting projects from all educational areas and use a motivating tool for most students as it combines technology and creativity. For this course, we will mainly use Scratch because it is a block language that does not need to write code, free and on-line. And when you learn a programming language, you’re learning the basics of everyone else.

Yes, we organize local transportation, hotel, food, cultural visit, and social activities. Please contact us about the details and the offers. We prefer to offer organization fee and the options when your project is granted by Erasmus Plus due to the fact that the cost is changing from date to date and the locations.

Yes, we do. Utopia has working fields like art, play, pedagogy, and other alternative methods. If your idea fits our vision and our resources we can propose you a tailor-made programme according to your needs. We create groups with minimum  6 participants. If you have 6 participants or more we can organize a course for you on the dates and location you prefer.

  • Antalya and İstanbul TURKEY
  • Barcelona SPAIN

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