Creative Drama is a well-known and useful method for social inclusion and refugee integration. Drama technics provides a humanistic and anti-discriminative learning atmosphere. Drama tools can be used to the inclusion of the disadvantaged and excluded groups and being open to the differences, different backgrounds, different cultures. By using drama tools we can also improve empathy, breaking the barriers and stereotypes, intercultural learning and team building.

Especially for the refugee groups, we can use drama tools to make them integrated into the host community and building friendships and mutual understanding atmosphere. Drama games, role plays, knowing each other activities, trust games, and team building activities are very deep activities to break the barriers between groups. Drama is focused on universal human rights and respect principles.

Creative Drama is a well-known and useful method for nonformal training course and lessons at school. Our Creative Drama training aims to introduce drama technics as effective tools for teaching process and personal development tool for children.

• To create new methods for  Learning based on drama techniques
• To share and analyze drama methods within the educational context
• To put drama techniques into practice for soft skill development of pupil and teachers
• To understand the effect of drama on social, emotional, physical, cognitive and moral development

  • Teachers have experience with the use of creative drama method in educational processes,
  • Learning creative drama techniques and games,
  • Knowing the use of creative drama
  • The use of creative drama as an effective tool to prevent peer bullying
  • The ability to build games, dramatic stories, and creative drama workshops according to what teachers want to achieve,
  • To know the risky drama actions with kids
  • The use of drama as a tool for social inclusion
  • Know methods to prevent peer bullying
  • Know the reasons and results of the bullyingDaily Activities: 09:00- 17:00  (6-hour training course)

    DAY 1

    • Welcome Activity – Pre-test
    • Knowing Each other through Drama Games
    • Trust Each other through Drama Games
    • Team Building through Drama Games
    • Introduction to Creative Drama

    DAY 2 

    • Kids Yoga
    • Effective Communication through Drama
    • Drama as a Social Inclusion Tool  (Refugee Integration, Child Abuse, Child Labor, Special Needs etc.)
    • Drama in Education (Knowing Dorothy Heatcode)

    DAY 3 

    • Kids Yoga
    • Drama technics as teaching tools
    • Story Telling and Tale based drama
    • Improvisation technics and creativity

    DAY 4 

    • Energizers
    • Tips for teachers
    • Process Drama experiment
    • Culture and Drama
    • Drama Activities in Europe

    DAY 5 

    • Energizers
    • Evaluation through drama technics – Protest
    • Certificate Ceremony and Closure
    • Cultural Activities- City Visit

    * The programme will be designed according to the  profile and needs of the groups.


Tem 17 - 21 2023


09:00 - 15:00







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