STEP UP – Establishment of a transnational network of adult education providers for the promotion of social inclusion of vulnerable groups project coordinated by Equal Society (Greece) is approved by European Union – EACEA/34/2019 – Erasmus+ programme (EACEA/34/2019 Social inclusion and common values: the contribution in the field of education and training )

The partners will collect relevant good practices through the organization of focus groups at national level, and exchange and disseminate such good practices through various communications channels and events, in which members of vulnerable groups will also participate. Furthermore, the project will pilot selected good practices, and develop a manual on how to design and implement relevant educational activities which facilitate the social inclusion of vulnerable groups. In addition, the project will produce a report which will provide guidelines on how to implement the collected good practices, as well as a report which will provide policy recommendations at national and European level, regarding the design of adult education programmes and projects which target vulnerable groups.The specific objective of the project is to bring together organizations which have extensive experience in the implementation of educational activities targeting vulnerable groups. Through the network, the project will highlight the positive relation between the implementation of cultural activities in particular, as a training method in adult education, and the promotion of social inclusion of vulnerable groups. More specifically, the project will identify and disseminate good practices of cultural activities at national level, in the context of adult education provision, which enhanced the participation of members of vulnerable groups in relevant activities and improved their communication and social skills, as an important step for facilitating their social inclusion.