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Antalya TURKEY Turkey
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Students with special needs are especially affected by the lack of social-emotional skills. One of the issues is that many disorders, namely autism, affects the portion of the brain that helps children learn and understand social cues. It may be extremely difficult for many students with special needs to learn and behave in a socially productive manner. Another issue for children who physically appear different, act different, or are placed in special classrooms within even an inclusive school is often isolated from typical education peers.  One technique to help students develop social skills in a fun, stimulating environment is through drama and acting. There are many programs put together by parents, dramatists, and special education professionals to encourage this to help students. Teachers and parents can look for available programs in the community and get their children involved. Teachers can also incorporate drama into their lesson plans or as transitional activities to help foster social skills.


  • Using drama tools in class as a teaching method
  • Using drama as a social inclusion tool
  • Using Drama for Special Needs and Learning Differences
  • Evaluation technics  through drama activities
  • Effective Communication through drama activities
  • Intercultural experience


Start: 21 June 2021
End: 25 June 2021


Venue Name: Antalya TURKEY
Address: Antalya TURKEY Turkey
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Organizer Name: Utopia Education and Art
Phone: +905077643372

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