Creative Drama is a well-known and useful method for nonformal training course and lessons at school. Our Creative Drama training aims to introduce drama technics as effective tools for teaching process and personal development tool for children.

Creative drama is an improvisational, non-exhibitional, process-oriented form of drama, where participants are guided by a leader to imagine, enact, and reflect on experiences real and imagined. The creative drama takes children’s natural world, creative play, and develops it further, using theatre techniques, to create learning experiences which are for the participants. Drama specialist, Brian Way states in Development Through Drama, “Theatre is largely concerned with communication between actors and an audience; Drama is largely concerned with experience by the participants.” Creative drama is a very effective tool to include a disadvantaged groups because it is a discipline in which the sense of respect and empathy between individuals are developed and the principles of ethics, equality, and respect for differences are exercised. Furthermore, the integration of the disadvantaged group with the other group and the development of social, physical, emotional, language skills of the disadvantaged children are the one of the basic aims of creative drama. Self-confidence development, healthy communication and trust within the group, and the development of individual self-expression skills can be easily supported by creative drama.

Creative Drama is a well-known and useful method for nonformal training course and lessons at school. Our Creative Drama training aims to introduce drama technics as effective tools for teaching process and personal development tool for children.

• To create new methods for  Learning based on drama techniques • To share and analyze drama methods within the educational context • To put drama techniques into practice for soft skill development of pupil and teachers • To understand the effect of drama on social, emotional, physical, cognitive and moral development

  • Teachers have experience with the use of creative drama method in educational processes,
  • Learning creative drama techniques and games,
  • Knowing the use of creative drama
  • The use of creative drama as an effective tool to prevent peer bullying
  • The ability to build games, dramatic stories, and creative drama workshops according to what teachers want to achieve,
  • To know the risky drama actions with kids
  • The use of drama as a tool for social inclusion
  • Know methods to prevent peer bullying
  • Know the reasons and results of the bullying

Yes, we organize local transportation, hotel, food, cultural visit, and social activities. Please contact us about the details and the offers. We prefer to offer organization fee and the options when your project is granted by Erasmus Plus due to the fact that the cost is changing from date to date and the locations.

Yes, we do. Utopia has working fields like art, play, pedagogy, and other alternative methods. If your idea fits our vision and our resources we can propose you a tailor-made programme according to your needs. We create groups with a minimum of 6 participants. If you have 6 participants or more we can organize a course for you on the dates and location you prefer.

  • Berlin GERMANY
  • Antalya and İstanbul TURKEY
  • Barcelona SPAIN
  • London UK
  • Lund Sweden

A need and profile analysis will be sent to participants to determine the needs and profile of participants before the course. This form of participant profile is very important for us to see the level of knowledge and awareness about the topic, the needs of participants and expectations According to the information obtained from this form, our program is designed. Before our participants come to the country where the course will be implemented, they must make the necessary preparations for the topic. We will send to participants an information pack which has the necessary information to not to face problems during the course and other times. This package includes all logistical information (weather, currency, airport transfer, course location details, contact information, etc.) and preparations for participants for the course. In the course organization team, we have a guide for the groups for practical arrangements and the problems.

Our course is mostly conducted by non-formal education methods. Participants are actively involved in our creative drama activities, and participate in the activity in abundance and learn by having fun. We don’t like power point presentation based courses. We have materials, our body as the most important instruments and creativity. Group and individual works and experiential learning based studies are carried out.

At the end of the course, general oral and written evaluations are made and achievements of the participants are assessed. Cultural excursions and closing events are organized after the course closed with a certificate of attendance. We will share our photos, videos, reports, and materials which are produced during the course with the participants. The course will be monitoring by trainers and reports will be prepared by trainers to inform participants about the quality of the course, outcomes, evaluation results, feedbacks and etc.


  • * Daily €80 fee includes preparation of participants, Implementation of training course, coffee break, certificates, training materials, video clip and the photos of training course, after course support and materials.  Hotel, food, transportation, cultural visit, and extra activities will be not included training course fee. For the accommodation please contact with course organization team.


Participants transfer %30 of the whole amount before maximum 1 months of the course date. Remaining part will be paid in cash on the last day of the training course.  For the reservation during the project application, any payment will be not asked. If the project is granted, participants contact with Utopia and ask for confirmation of course participation.

  • Certificate of Attendance: Issued by Utopia Education and Art Organization
  • Europass Certificate: Prepared by participants and validated by Utopia Education and Art Organization
  • *No fee will be asked for certification.

Participants will receive the materials listed below.

  • Certificates
  • Video clip and the photos of the training course
  • Activity reports
  • Evaluation Results and report
  • After course support ( A Digital File includes drama resources, music for drama activities and more.)

Daily Activities: 09:00- 17:00  (6-hour training course)


  • Welcome Activity – Pre-test
  • Knowing Each other through Drama Games
  • Trust Each other through Drama Games
  • Team Building through Drama Games
  • Introduction to Creative Drama

DAY 2 

  • Energizers
  • Effective Communication through Drama
  • Drama as a Social Inclusion Tool  (Refugee Integration, Child Abuse, Child Labor, Special Needs etc.)
  • Drama in Education (Knowing Dorothy Heatcode)

DAY 3 

  • Energizers
  • Drama technics as teaching tools
  • Story Telling and Tale based drama
  • Improvisation technics and creativity

DAY 4 

  • Energizers
  • Tips for teachers
  • Process Drama experiment
  • Culture and Drama
  • Drama Activities in Europe

DAY 5 

  • Energizers
  • Evaluation through drama technics – Protest
  • Certificate Ceremony and Closure
  • Cultural Activities- City Visit

* The programme will be designed according to the  profile and needs of the groups.

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